Active Efficiency

Focus Areas

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The opportunities for growth and exploration within Active Efficiency are vast. Each year the Collaborative will select a handful of timely focus areas to explore. Check out the Collaborative’s latest report on calculating the value of demand flexibility.

Explore the focus areas of the Active Efficiency Collaborative

We’re pleased to release the Collaborative’s latest project: the Demand Flexibility Valuation Report. Explore this resource and more by clicking on the modules below.

As the Collaborative grows, so will our focus areas. In 2021, the Collaborative explored ways to scale-up markets for Active Efficiency, policy opportunities to advance Active Efficiency, a platform to ensure equitable economic outcomes, opportunities to accelerate smart buildings, and assessing the performance of demand flexibility in buildings.

Demand Flexibility Valuation Report

This customizable report provides a concise overview of considerations when assessing the value of demand flexibility – a critical tool for achieving grid reliability, energy affordability, and decarbonization in an Active Efficiency future.

Beneficial Electrification and Grid Opportunities

Beneficial electrification is accelerating in energy markets across the world. Efforts to electrify power grids are driven by multiple factors, ranging from technological innovations in end-use technologies, connectivity, and digitalization, to consumer interest and policy objectives such as cost savings, climate emissions reductions, and resilience.

Guiding Principles for Next-Generation Performance-based Utility Program Models

Performance-based utility programs are utility energy efficiency programs that deliver energy savings and/or demand flexibility by providing incentives for measured and verified energy and demand reductions over a specified time period.